First, we have to note that joins on tablecloths are always undesirable and will never produce an elegant or well-presented look. For this reason, we do not recommend joins, and it is up to the customer to decide whether a join is really required, with the expected degradation of the presentation quality of the tablecloth.

Now, on to the definitions…

Joins (also called seams) are points where two pieces of fabric have been stitched together to make a very large tablecloth, as per a customer’s requirement.

As we cut and make all our tablecloths from rolls of fabric, the maximum size we can make without any joins depends on the width of the rolls of the fabric you choose for your tablecloths. If that width is exceeded, we will have to join two pieces of fabric together to reach your required size.

Joins always go on one side of the tablecloth. For circular tablecloths, the join goes onone side-wing.

When placing your order you will see on-screen a clear indication of whether your tablecloth will have a join before you reach checkout.

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