We pride ourselves in brining to our customers a large variety of customisable table linen products; whether be it size, colour or shape. The final finish of the tablecloths and napkins are no different.

Our table linen (tablecloths, napkins, etc) may have an overlock finish, an hem finish, ascallop finish or a binding-tape finish, depending upon customer’s specification and availability (finish availability is shown on the relevant product page). However, if no finishing information is provided, the default finishing method is overlocking.

Exceptions include table runners, which are hemmed, and any other item in our website where it is specifically stated on the item’s page that it is hemmed.

For our overlocking/hemming we endeavour to use threads of the same colour as the item being overlocked, where this is possible. However customers should note that it is not always possible to match the colour of the fabric to the colour of the thread exactly, so contrasting shades may be used. The overlock thread will be the same general colour, but sometimes it will be a different shade than the fabric itself.

The chevron is a product exclusive to the Greek Satin fabric. Chevron finish can only be applied to square or oblong tablecloths. It is not possible to apply this finish on napkins, round tablecloths, oval or cassinian tablecloths, or table runners.

overlock overlock overlock overlock


hem hem

Wide 2″ Hemming



chevron chevron chevron


Scallop Scallop Scallop

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