Tablecloths & Napkins

Can I request samples?

Yes, of course you can.

We provide a free sample service so you can see what our fabrics look and feel like before placing an order.

The samples we send out are colour swatches, i.e. cut-outs of our fabrics in all the colours they come in. You can ask to receive samples of any of our available fabrics.

You can request to receive samples by filling your details in the online sample form on our website.

Do you stock tablecloths?

As a factory, we only stock fabrics. We have large quantities of fabric rolls, measuring in the thousands of meters.

This enables us to make any size and shape tablecloths according to each customer’s requirements.

We always endeavour to keep our website up-to-date with current stock availability. If a certain fabric or colour goes out of stock, we always try to update our website as quickly as possible so this particular colour does not show in the colour list until it comes back in stock.

In the unlikely event that you place an order and your chosen fabric/colour has just gone out of stock, we will contact you promptly and offer you a choice of replacement designs/colours, waiting for your chosen fabric/colour to come back in stock, or a full refund if your order has not been processed yet.

How are your products finished?

We pride ourselves in brining to our customers a large variety of customisable table linen products; whether be it size, colour or shape. The final finish of the tablecloths and napkins are no different.

Our table linen (tablecloths, napkins, etc) may have an overlock finish, an hem finish, ascallop finish or a binding-tape finish, depending upon customer’s specification and availability (finish availability is shown on the relevant product page). However, if no finishing information is provided, the default finishing method is overlocking.

Exceptions include table runners, which are hemmed, and any other item in our website where it is specifically stated on the item’s page that it is hemmed.

For our overlocking/hemming we endeavour to use threads of the same colour as the item being overlocked, where this is possible. However customers should note that it is not always possible to match the colour of the fabric to the colour of the thread exactly, so contrasting shades may be used. The overlock thread will be the same general colour, but sometimes it will be a different shade than the fabric itself.

The chevron is a product exclusive to the Greek Satin fabric. Chevron finish can only be applied to square or oblong tablecloths. It is not possible to apply this finish on napkins, round tablecloths, oval or cassinian tablecloths, or table runners.

overlock overlock overlock overlock


hem hem

Wide 2″ Hemming



chevron chevron chevron


Scallop Scallop Scallop

The colour I want is included in the samples I received but is not available from the drop-down menu, why? And how can I order it?

We make samples in batches, but in the meantime certain colours may go out of stock or be discontinued.

If a colour is included in samples you have received from us but it is not available on the website, this probably means that the colour is either not in stock at the moment or has been discontinued.

However, you are welcome to email us if you come across a case like this, as on rare occasions it may just be an omission on our part!

What is a join or a seam?

First, we have to note that joins on tablecloths are always undesirable and will never produce an elegant or well-presented look. For this reason, we do not recommend joins, and it is up to the customer to decide whether a join is really required, with the expected degradation of the presentation quality of the tablecloth.

Now, on to the definitions…

Joins (also called seams) are points where two pieces of fabric have been stitched together to make a very large tablecloth, as per a customer’s requirement.

As we cut and make all our tablecloths from rolls of fabric, the maximum size we can make without any joins depends on the width of the rolls of the fabric you choose for your tablecloths. If that width is exceeded, we will have to join two pieces of fabric together to reach your required size.

Joins always go on one side of the tablecloth. For circular tablecloths, the join goes onone side-wing.

When placing your order you will see on-screen a clear indication of whether your tablecloth will have a join before you reach checkout.

Why can’t I order Polycotton tablecloths wider than 60″?

All Polycotton fabric is currently 60″ wide.

As we make all our items from the fabric that is available to us, we can only go up to 60″ in width or diameter for Polycotton items.
We do not offer larger sizes with joins, as these would be very prominent and would look awkward as they would usually be on the table top.

If you wish to order a larger dimension, we recommend you choose our Spectra® Plain fabric, which can go up to 110″ (280cm) without any joins.