Logo Printing

Can I have a sample of my printed logo before final production?

You can order a print proof from our Printing Services page for £6 plus delivery and VAT. You will then receive your logo printed on a piece of fabric the same colour as what you are planning to purchase (if you have advised us of the colour previously). This will enable you to see what the print looks like on our fabric. Your logo will look exactly the same when printed on the finished tablecloth, and you can instruct us on the exact positioning.

Do you print on runners and napkins?

We do print on runners, please visit our Logo Printing page to order our Printed Runner product.

This consists of a table runner made in our Spectra® Plain fabric, dimensions 80cm x 280cm, which will be printed with your logo on one end. We normally position the logo about 10″ (25cm) from the runner’s edge, but we can position it anywhere you like, please instruct us via email after placing your order.

We do not currently print on napkins for small quantities. However, if you wish to order a large quantity, please email us. We will advise you of the feasibility and we will produce a quote for you.

What is the minimum and maximum sizes that you can print?

The maximum size we can print is A3, which is approximately 42cm x 29cm. We usually print in the maximum length of about 42cm and maintain the height of the logo in proportion so that there is no distortion.

There is no minimum size we can print – all our customers want their logos to be printed as big as possible!

What is your method of printing?

Please refer to our Logo Printing page for a full explanation of the printing method we use, its features and limitations. Our logo printing page can be seen here.

Will my logo background colour match that of the tablecloth?

Our Logo Printing page explains the method we use to print logos on tablecloths, including the fact that there is always a background to your logo, whether white or other colour that you have included in your JPEG file.

If you have chosen to make your JPEG file with a background colour that tries to match the colour of the tablecloth you are purchasing, please note that this may not be possible, as fabric hues are different than the hues produced by our printers. In most cases, your logo background will be visible even if it matches as close as possible the colour of the fabric.